Improve Training, Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs

In most organisations there is an obvious opportunity to cut costs and improve efficiency when it comes to mass training requirements. These training requirements include such things as statutory safety Inductions and fire evacuation training. The reliance on instructor-led training results in time-consuming classes that are expensive to run and result in lost productivity.

Businesses experience dramatic savings by introducing online training systems.

Risk Central provides premium fully customised Online Induction Systems and other online training systems. We also develop online training systems for our partners to allow them to sell online training services to their own clients. These reseller systems allow our partners to offer online training services at low cost and at low risk with very short development times.

Selecting an Online Training Provider

Choosing the wrong online training provider is a costly, embarrassing and very common lesson for organisations that don't do their homework. Risk Central fully customised multimedia Training Systems have demonstrated over many years, to be reliable, easy to use, engaging and functional. Our clients are our best marketing tool.

Providing a multimedia online induction system that is reliable, effective and looks good is quite a difficult technical exercise that few have mastered. It requires a diversified team of professionals that have years of experience in developing online training. Do a quick internet search, and you will quickly find numerous examples of hard to use, unreliable, tedious induction systems - that will probably need to be replaced.

At Risk Central we have Risk Consultants that have experience with most industries, especially large industry, to help you develop concise and effective content. We have online multimedia experts to make sure the training content looks good, communicates the message and works reliably. Finally we have developers who ensure the system works all the time as intended and as required.

Multimedia Induction Systems and Training Systems

There are two major types of induction systems. Multimedia Systems and Text Based Systems. Text based induction systems are read - like a book - they look a bit like a Power Point Presentation. Multimedia Induction Systems are watched - like a movie. They are more entertaining and communicate information far more effectively. This is very important for higher risk industries. They include images, animations and videos to illustrate the points being made and improve understanding. Risk Central is the leading provider of Multimedia online induction software in Australia.

Online Inductions for Mining, Ports and other Heavy Industry

Risk Central specialises in providing online inductions and other online training tools for Mines, Ports and other Heavy Industries. Our risk consultants have extensive experience in these industries which allow us to quickly understand requirements and do most of the work when developing induction content.

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