Online Inductions



Online Inductions

Risk Central is a Premium Supplier of Industrial Online Inductions to High Hazard Industries and other clients who previously spent large amounts of time and money providing inductions to people coming onto their sites.

We are a Premium Supplier which means that our Multimedia Online Inductions are impressive and engaging. Content is concise, practical and easy to understand. It also means that our Online Induction Software is reliable, fully functioned and easy for everyone to use.

In short our Online Inductions are Impressive. Our Inductions give people the Impression that your company takes safety seriously and Impress the management of your organisation.

Induction Software

What our Clients Want ?

  • Save time and money delivering and managing inductions.
  • High quality, high reliability and easy to use online inductions and induction systems.
  • High quality service and ongoing support to make sure inductions are completed without any hassles.
  • Someone who knows their industry to help them improve the content of their inductions.
  • Trainees to understand and retain important information from the online induction.
  • Multimedia inductions developed by professionals – Not Text based inductions developed internally.
  • No – Long winded, ambiguous, hard to understand, mind numbing online inductions.

Happy Clients

At Risk Central we differentiate ourselves by having Happy Clients. But don’t take our word for it. Contact us and we will send you our client references.

How Online Induction Systems work?

Mine Management can have some strong opinions when in comes to online inductions. Some are negative, due to a poor historial experience. Others have no experience and cannot fathom how an online induction would actually work for their site. Others still have had a highly positive experience; so great they would not consider doing inductions any other way.

So why such a diverse range of experiences ?

Let’s investigate the reasons behind this :

Training Content

Training content can be “text based”, which you read like a book, or can be “multimedia based”, watched like a movie. Text based content is considerably cheaper than Multimedia content. This is because writing text is far cheaper than producing a multimedia presentation. The text inductions you write yourself, multimedia inductions are normally produced by a multimedia developer which takes time and money.

Text based inductions might seem at first cost effective, however they are not an effective way of communicating important information to workers in high hazard industries. Levels of retention are low and most mines do not consider this an appropriate way of delivering information that they want their workforce to understand and retain. The problem is compounded if the inductions are poorly written.

Reason 1 – Most people with a negative experience with online line inductions have experienced a text based induction and/or poor quality content.

If your objective is to make sure people understand the hazards and procedures on site, then multimedia is much better option. Some suppliers of multimedia inductions also have professional script writers experienced with producing mining inductions and the assessment questions. This is an extremely valuable service. It ensures the induction focuses on critical issues, is clear, concise and easy to understand.

Click here to see Example Multimedia Online Inductions

System Software

The software of an online induction system allows: trainees to view and complete training; training records to be tracked and maintained; trainees to be notified of training requirements and so on.

If you have ever experienced software that does not work you can empathise with how frustrating this can be. Online induction software is no different from any other software, some of it works, some of it doesn’t.

Reason 2 – Some Induction Software does not work, is difficult to use, has ongoing problems or has poor service when there is a problem.

The way to avoid the poorly designed software is to do a little bit of homework. Before purchasing a software product talk to people who currently use it and trial a functioning example; this is essential.

Cost Benefit

Some people do not trust that all information can be adequately learnt or tested online; we agree. It is obvious that some things require face to face training or assessment.

Reason 4 – It is not Face to Face training.

If an online induction is used in a high hazard environment, we recommend that it is used in combination with a shorter face to face induction when workers get to site. The face to face induction should be focused more on practical knowledge and assessment. The online induction focuses more on explaining hazards, rules and procedures. This effective combination provides cost and time savings without losing the face to face element.


A high quality online induction can add value to your site by:

  • Saving time and money
  • Effectively and consistently communicating important information
  • Delivering the message that your site takes safety seriously and fostering a strong Safety Culture

A poor quality online induction can do the opposite.

Please do not confuse the two.


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