Risk Calculator - Risk Assessment Training Tool

Learn how to do a Risk Assessment

Risk Calculator - is a Risk Assessment Training Tool designed to help increase the accurancy and quality of risk assessments. Most Risk Assessments contain errors which make them inaccurate or even misleading. This tool will help prevent some of the most common mistakes and will reinforce correct techniques. The Tool contains step by step instructions, examples and multi media tutorials to help increase the accuracy of Risk Assessments.

This Tool should only be used as a training tool and for small risk issues. For larger, complex or important risk issues, consult a professional risk manager. If you are unsure of the size of risk or the risk could involve serious injury or other large consequences, consult a professional risk manager. This Tool is not a comprehensive guide and does not ensure compliance with any standards, regulations or statutory obligations. Not all conditions or situations are discussed or contemplated.

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Risk Central can customize and brand this tool using your company's Risk Matrix and Methodology