Online Induction Demos and Examples

For over 8 years we have been making high quality online inductions. We have a team of experts to optimise your induction subject matter and produce impressive multimedia online inductions.

Online Induction Providers come in 2 types. Those who offer Text based online inductions which are read - like a book. And those who offer Multimedia Online Inductions that are watched - like a movie. Obviously, Multimedia Inductions are far better at engaging the learner and communitcating information.

Risk Central specialise in Multimedia Online Inductions. At Risk Central – our clients are happy clients. Take a look at our 2 minute online induction showreels below and you will start to see why. Read more

Example Online Inductions

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  • airports
  • industrial videos
  • mining
  • oil & gas
  • other industries
  • ports