Mining Industry – Online Inductions

  •  Risk Central has a long and successful history developing Premium online inductions, multimedia training and videos for mine sites, mineral processing facilities, exploration sites and related industries. Our mining clients save vast amounts of time and money every year using our systems. Hundreds of thousands of dollars per site per year. Once a site uses our systems they would never do it any other way.
  •  We produce our online inductions so they are easy for mine sites and miners to use. Our Developers and Risk Consultants ensure that the multimedia online training content is concise, practical, easy to understand and engaging. Coal inductions can be s11 complaint. 

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Past Mining Work Includes :

Visitor – Online Inductions –  View Demo
Induction Software
Surface – Online Inductions – View Demo
Open Cut – Site Inductions
Underground – Online Inductions – View Demo
Haul Road – Safety Inductions
CHHP – Online Inductions
Metallurgical Processing – Safety Inductions
Exploration Lease – Online Inductions -View Demo
Land Access Code – Online Inductions – View Demo
Coal Mining – Site Induction – View Demo
Hard Rock Mining – Safety Inductions – View Demo
Foreign Country – Online Induction – View Demo
Video Production – View Demo 

Example Online Inductions