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Safe Overseas

Safety advice for
Overseas Travelers
Risk Calculator - Risk Assessment Tool - Risk Assessment Training

Risk Assessment Tool

Interactive Risk Assessment
Training Tool
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) - Online Training

Introduction to ERM

Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management (20 min)
Risk Assessment - Online Training

How to do a Risk Assessment

For all types of Risk (15 min)
Terrorism Awareness - Online Training

Terrorism Awareness

For critical infrastructure (15 min)

Hot Work, Cutting & Welding - Loss Prevention Online Training

Hot Work Fire

Loss prevention training (15 min)
General Fire - Loss Prevention Online Training

General Fire

Loss prevention training (15 min)
EPS Fire - Loss Prevention Online Training

EPS Panel Fire

Loss prevention training (10 min)
Flammable & Combustible Liquid - Fire Prevention Online Training

Flammable Liquids

Fire prevention training (15 min)

House Fire - Loss Prevention Online Training

Household Fire

Fire prevention training (15 min)

Free Online Risk Management and Loss Prevention Training System

This free online training page is designed to allow anyone to complete any of the multimedia Risk Management and Loss Prevention training modules for free. Also by registering as a training manager you can use our online induction program to nominate a group of people to complete any of the online training modules. The Online Induction System will track, record and manage the training of the group for free.

The multimedia online training modules cover a range of topics such as Risk Assessments, Enterprise Risk Management, Fire Prevention, House Fire Prevention, and Terrorism Awareness.

Risk Assessments and Enterprise Risk Management modules painlessly explain the basic concepts and principles associated with risk management and help organisations create a consistent approach to risk management. Fire Prevention modules are designed to reduce fire losses, demonstrate employee loss prevention training to underwriters and reduce insurance costs. The Terrorism Awareness module will train employees to identify and report suspicious behaviour. This module is designed for large infrastructure sites and other sites which may be attractive terrorist targets. All these modules and others are designed to benefit companies by improving risk management, reducing losses and reducing costs.

The objective was to make it easy for companies to provide simple risk management training for their employees. We have tried to select training modules that companies would like to provide to their employees and will be adding more modules and updating existing modules based on feedback from interested parties. Most of the training is designed to be generic and for general employees, so that most businesses and most industries can find it useful to provide the training to their employees

Risk Central is providing the free service to demonstrate how online training systems and Online Induction programs can be used for risk management training and to improve risk management outcomes.

This free online training system is similar to our online induction system and therefore clients can use this system to test drive our online induction system. Risk Central can produce customised versions of any of these free modules for specific clients.

Online Risk Assessment Training Tool

The page also includes a free Risk Assessment Training Tool. The Risk Assessment Tool is designed to help improve the accuracy, quality and consistency of risk assessments. The tool guides users through each step of the risk assessment process using instructions, examples and a multimedia tutorial and is in line with ISO and Australian - Risk Management Standards.

Risk Central can also fully customise the online risk assessment tool for specific organisations. A customised tool uses your own company's risk matrix and methodology. Risk Central can also use the same online technology to develop a customised Job Safety Analysis Tool or JSA - Training Tool for companies.